History & Objectives

The Resource Recovery Coalition of California (Resource Coalition) was originally formed as the California Refuse Recycling Council in 1953 by several independent refuse associations in Northern and Southern California. These associations banded together for the first time to lead a fight against state legislation that would cost the waste industry several hundreds of thousands of dollars statewide. Upon winning an exemption for our industry against this transportation legislation, these groups continued their association which laid the groundwork for what the Resource Coalition represents today.

As many things have changed over the years, our industry and association have also changed to meet the demands of our time. But throughout these changes, our objectives have remained the same:

  • To promote the general welfare and business interests of our members;

  • To encourage the highest standards of ethical business practices among our members in the public interest;

  • To work for the benefit and the fostering of goodwill for the members of the waste management industry throughout the State of California and the State of Nevada;

  • To afford to all agencies of government on the federal, state, county and city levels a means of cooperation and coordinated effort to the most efficient and economic standard of collection, disposal and recycling of refuse materials.

  • To foster and further the American principle of free enterprise and competition.

Resource Coalition industry members are proud of their industry, proud of their accomplishments, and proud of the services they provide their customers.